Koppert Cress: a ‘miniature world’ of flavour, fragrance and colourAnd the ambition is still growing ……
In March 2006, Koppert Cress opened its meeting facility, aimed at being a meeting point for horticulture and gastronomes: Cressperience.

Cressperience: a very special kitchen!
Koppert Cress is searching for innovation in gastronomy.
Innovation in products: outstanding flavours and shapes, all in the highest quality available.

Koppert Cress wants more
Next to product quality also high quality with respect to the preparation of tasty creations. Gastronomes are given the opportunity to work on the sensational Molteni Podium IV, an unique instrument for top-level dishes.

Cressperience: it’s also…
... a state of the art meeting room with all necessary audiovisual equipment.
Here also, the dishes prepared on the Molteni Podium IV can be served and tasted.
Wholesalers, their customers and end-users alike, find Cressperience an ideal location to exchange ideas and experiences with the products.


A visit to Koppert Cress includes a tour through the company and its production facilities. The entire production process is explained, starting from sowing till the finished end product. And of course, in order to paint the complete picture, the concept of the company is explained, ideas and ambitions included.

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