Electric Bitter

Flavour: electric, numbing, sparkling
Use: amuses, cocktails, desserts, ice cream
Culture: Sechuan Buttons - socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability: year round
Shelf Life: 6 months
Packaging: bottle of 100 ml

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Electric Bitter is an alcoholic bitter, which can be used for preparing cocktails. It is produced by Marian Beke (Bar manager and Director) and Tony Pescatori (Bar manager) of respectively The Gibson and The Nightjar, two well-known cocktail bars in London. In addition to 30 other botanical plants, Koppert Cress Sechuan Buttons® are used as an ingredient in the Electric Bitter. For this reason, tasting the Electric Bitter will have the same electric effect as eating a Sechuan Button.

Electric Bitter can be ordered directly via the Electric Bitter website:  website

Note: contains 60% alcohol (only a few drops are sufficient for the electric effect)

More about the Sechuan Buttons®

Taste and usage
Sechuan Buttons® is the Koppert Cress brand name for an edible flower. For some people, the taste of the Sechuan Button, resembles an ‘electric’ shock. It starts with a champagne-like sensation at the top of the tongue. Then it moves around in the mouth. A kind of ‘anesthetic’ feeling in the cheeks, a numb sensation followed by a saliva flush. Within a minute, however, this negative feeling is replaced by curiosity and the analysis of the different sensations, finally resulting in amazement. Sechuan Buttons are often used as an infusion in cocktails and amuses-bouches. The flavor of Sechuan enhances and balances other flavors. In view of the intense effect of the button we advise to be careful in combination with your choice of wines.

Sechuan Buttons is a plant which has its origin in Africa and South America, when those two continents where still connected. Now it is only found in specific areas of Africa. The name Sechuan Buttons was chosen because of its flavor, which is comparable to the Sechuan Pepper.